After, before and more.

When you work in enterprise software, get ready for vast differences in product user bases. How big? Well, some admin consoles could have 10 or so users. Total. That's because we might sell it to 4-5 companies, and the IT people working in the console can be counted with fingers and maybe toes.

Now take a single sign-on portal. This gets rolled out to every employee at a number of large companies, so now you're talking hundreds of thousands of users. It shouldn't change your design approach too much, but upper management tends to think UX time should be focused more on the bigger audience. 

So we got asked to redesign the SSO portal, and we were glad to do it. What you see for the "After" doesn't have all the aspects of our intended design, but it's close. We significantly simplified the filters, improved the visuals, and updated the iconography.

Primary role: User Experience Manager

Secondary roles: Usability research

Design team: Vinoth Raghavan, Douglas Campbell, Franklin Shaw

Contribution: I provided guidance on the user experience and visual style. I facilitated and participated in conceptual design exercises, and conducted usability studies. 





Our team was asked to do a product microsite to help promote the single sign-on portal. I worked with a very talented designer on my team, Shirley Lee, to concept these three hero banners for the site. This was a side project with a tight turnaround, so we did a shortcut and purchased illustrations from iStock, and then she made significant changes to them. She is a good illustrator, but in a time bind, purchase and re-purpose can be effective. Unfortunately, the illustration style we went with didn't fit the photo-realistic look and feel that marketing had in mind, so this didn't go live.